Ausuma FAQs

All Your Ausuma Questions

Can we integrate our existing business processes into the ERP system?

Yes, Ausuma is a scalable solution and adapts well with any business processes.

Can we customize the configuration of the ERP system to our specific business needs?

Yes, Ausuma offers custom modules tailored to your specific business needs.

What about the compatibility of the ERP system with our existing IT infrastructure and systems?

Since Ausuma is a cloud base ERP solution, it is not dependent on your IT infrastructure.

Are there add-ons or modules available to add additional functionality to the ERP system?

Yes, we have a wide array of modules including custom modules that can be added to address your company’s specific needs.

How user-friendly is the ERP system for our employees?

Ausuma was developed with small business users in mind and is very intuitive. Setup can be done remotely with our team of onboarder’s and instructional videos are also available.

Can we easily adapt the ERP system if our business needs change in the future?

Yes, Ausuma is scalable and had functionality that will help your business grow.

Is the ERP system scalable enough to grow with our organization?

Yes, Ausuma is scalable and had functionality that will help your business grow.

What about the security and reliability of the ERP system?

Ausuma is SOC Compliant which holds us to a high level of cybersecurity standards.

How quickly can we deploy new features and capabilities as our business needs change?

Ausuma is cloud based ERP so all updates and features are added instantly.

Can I Use Ausuma from any computer?

Absolutely. Since Ausuma is cloud based you can access it from any computer, tablet or mobile phone.

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